OfficeForms - probably the most simple editorial system in the world.

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Easy tohandle.understand.introduce.adapt.

OfficeForms supplements Microsoft Word with functions of an editorial system.

Module management

Centrally stored modules are the better alternative to Copy & Paste.

Variant management

Variable content avoids redundancies.


Translations can be managed intelligently.
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And all that with Word and WYSIWYG.

What you can expect from OfficeForms:

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You work in Word as usual

  • OfficeForms integrates seamlessly.
  • Your documents can be used without modification.
  • Your usual mode of working does not change.

You use modules

  • Text modules of any length can be stored centrally and used in many documentations.
  • You can organize the module repository into groups and subgroups and adjust this structure simply by dragging & dropping it.
  • A proof of use shows wherever a module has been inserted.
  • Metadata help to organize your modules.
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You work in a modular way

  • A wizard can be used to break down extensive documentation into smaller units.
  • When merging these units you determine selection and order.
  • The modularization can be done on the level of documentation sections as well as on the basis of modules.

You use cross references

  • Cross references can be set across documents with OfficeForms.
  • You can refer to chapter number, heading or page number.
  • A special tool helps to transfer cross reference targets between partial documents and between different language modules.
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You generate technical variants

  • To avoid redundancies you can add variable content to your documents.
  • The preview always shows you what the result of the selected variant will look like (WYSIWYG principle).
  • When creating a documentation, the variant fields are resolved.

You document in several languages

  • The language management of OfficeForms makes it possible to maintain modules and documents in any number of languages.
  • As with the technical variant, the preview shows you how the document will look in the selected language (WYSIWYG).
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You do not only publish on paper

  • With the web export module you can create a documentation from a finalized document that can be published on the web at the push of a button.
  • The display of the pages dynamically adapts to different devices (Responsive Design).
  • The layout can be individually adapted to your corporate design.

Another new language?

  • The transfer of modules to a translation service is very easy with OfficeForms.
  • A wizard supports you during export and import.
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You work as a team

  • OfficeForms databases can be stored on a central repository or in a cloud.
  • All team members can access them.
  • The device databases can be configured user-specifically.

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